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Sol-gel/solvothermal synthesis of colloidal oxide nanostructures in energy conversion/storage systems: copper oxide (CuO) nanocrystals as active components in nanofluids for enhancing the heat exchange in solar concentrator systems; supercapacitor application of colloidal TiO2-V2O5 nanocrystals;  application of SnO2-V2O5 and TiO2-V2O5 nanocrystals as cathodes for lithium batteries and in artificial photosynthesis (CO2 reduction), photocatalysis.

Instrumentation for the chemical synthesis  

  • 3 tubular ovens, 2 chemical fume cupboards
  • Standard equipment for wet chemical synthesis
  •  FTIR spectrometer
  •  UV-Vis spectrophotometer



General TEM view (left) of a pure TiO2 thin film heat-treated at 500°C, and prepared by spin-coating of a sol-gel precursor sol. Low magnification TEM view (center) of the same film and higher magnification image (right) of the film structure. In the inserts in the HRTEM image, the high-resolution image of the marked area is reported, together with the related power spectrum.

Contact person: Mauro Epifani