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Pt. I. Fundamental aspects and electronic structure. 1. Conical intersections in organic photochemistry/MA Robb. 2. Efficient excited-state deactivation in organic chromophores and biologically relevant molecules: role of electron and proton transfer processes/AL Sobolewski and W. Domcke. 3. Three-state conical intersections/S. Matsika. 4. Spin-orbit vibronic coupling in Jahn-Teller systems/LV Poluyanov and W. Domcke. 5. Symmetry analysis of geometric-phase effects in quantum dynamics/SC Althorpe--pt. II. Dynamics at conical intersections. 6. Conical intersections in electron photodetachment spectroscopy: theory and applications/MS Schuurman and DR Yarkony. 7. Multistate vibronic dynamics and multiple conical intersections/S. Faraji, S. Gomez-Carrasco and H. Koppel. 8. Conical intersections coupled to an environment/I. Burghardt [und weitere]. 9. Ab initio multiple spawning: first principles dynamics around conical intersections/S. Yang and TJ Martinez. 10. Non-Born-Oppenheimer molecular dynamics for conical intersections, avoided crossings, and weak interactions/AW Jasper and DG Truhlar. 11. Computational and methodological elements for nonadiabatic trajectory dynamics simulations of molecules/M. Barbatti, R. Shepard and H. Lischka. 12. Nonadiabatic trajectory calculations with ab initio and semiempirical methods/E. Fabiano [und weitere]. 13. Multistate nonadiabatic dynamics" on the fly" in complex systems and its control by laser fields/R. Mitric, J. Petersen and V. Bonacic-Koutecky. 14. Laser control of ultrafast dynamics at conical intersections/Y. Ohtsuki and W. Domcke--pt. III. Experimental detection of dynamics at conical …
World Scientific
Publication date: 
1 Jan 2011

Wolfgang Domcke, David R Yarkony, Horst Köppel

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Volume: 17