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The present work discusses an experimental investigation of the flow into a silicon-based vaporizing liquid microthruster equipped with sensing capabilities and low-power on-channel secondary heaters. The sensing capabilities (resistance temperature detectors and capacitive void fraction sensors) are used to investigate the flow instability and to evaluate its performances. The device has a sandwich structure composed of a silicon substrate and a glass substrate. This last one allows optical access into the device. The main heating of the propellant is provided using a platinum resistive heater placed on the bottom of the silicon layer. By varying the electrical power supplied to the main heater at fixed mass flow rate, three flow regimes have been observed and investigated: fully liquid flow, two-phase flow, and fully vaporized flow. Their dynamics have been captured through high-speed micro-flow visualizations …
Publication date: 
8 Aug 2021

D Fontanarosa, L Francioso, MG De Giorgi, C De Pascali, A Ficarella, MR Vetrano

Biblio References: 
Acta Astronautica