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The extraordinary properties of quantum dots (QDs) have been intensively investigated since the 1990s, with particular emphasis on their wide range of applications to information technology. InAs QDs have emerged as a viable technology for playing a crucial role in optoelectronics. Recent advances in epitaxy have enabled great flexibility in material platforms, device structures, and operating wavelengths; this makes them practical for optical telecommunication applications that operate in the 1.3–1.55 µm wavelength region. The possibility of their integration with silicon photonics technology adds to their tremendous appeal both as optical sources and photodetectors in these bands. In this chapter, we review the important milestones and recent trends in these photodetectors. We address advances in InAs QDs growth, photoexcitation physics, carrier transport, and carrier collection efficiency. Performance metrics …
Woodhead Publishing
Publication date: 
1 Jan 2023

Adriano Cola, Gabriella Leo, Annalisa Convertino, Anna Persano, Fabio Quaranta, Marc Currie, Bahram Nabet

Biblio References: 
Pages: 199-231