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Digital holographic microscopy is an important interferometric tool in optical metrology allowing the investigation of engineered surfaces with microscale lateral resolution and nanoscale axial precision. In particular, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) surface analysis, conducted by holographic characterization, requires high accuracy for functional testing. The main issues related to MEMS inspection are the superficial roughness and the complex geometry resulting from the several fabrication steps. Here, an automatic procedure, particularly suited in the case of high-roughness surfaces, is presented to selectively filter the spectrum, providing very low-noise reconstructed images. The numerical procedure is based on Butterworth filtering, and the obtained results demonstrate a significant increase in the images’ quality and in the accuracy of the measurements, making our technique highly applicable for …
Optica Publishing Group
Publication date: 
10 Apr 2015

Marcella Matrecano, Pasquale Memmolo, Lisa Miccio, Anna Persano, Fabio Quaranta, Pietro Siciliano, Pietro Ferraro

Biblio References: 
Volume: 54 Issue: 11 Pages: 3428-3432
Applied Optics