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Fine manipulation of fluid flows at the microscale has a tremendous impact on mass transport phenomena of chemical and biological processes inside microfluidic platforms. Fluid mixing in the laminar flow regime at low Reynolds number is poorly effective due to the inherently slow diffusive mechanism. As a strategy to enhance mixing and prompt mass transport, here, we focus on polyelectrolyte multilayer capsules (PMCs), embodying a catalytic polyoxometalate, as microobjects to create elastic turbulence and as micromotors to generate chaotic flows by fuel-fed propulsions.The effects of the elastic turbolence and of the artificial propulsion on some basic flow parameters, such as pressure and volumetric flow rate, are studied by a microfluidic set-up including pressure and flow sensors. Numerical-handling and physical models of the experimental data are presented and discussed to explain the measured …
Publication date: 
1 Jul 2020

Alessandra Zizzari, Maura Cesaria, Monica Bianco, Loretta L del Mercato, Mauro Carraro, Marcella Bonchio, Roberto Rella, Valentina Arima

Biblio References: 
Volume: 391 Pages: 123572
Chemical Engineering Journal