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The desiccation process of lasagna pasta is usually accompanied by bending and breaking of the dry pasta slices, due to self generated internal stress. The diffusive transfer of water through the slice bulk is responsible of these phenomena, leading to excessive product reject. The water sorption equilibrium and kinetics of drying were measured for different pasta mixtures. Measurements have been performed by means of a novel equipment based on a raw alumina substrate (3 × 3 mm sized) equipped with gold interdigitated electrodes, and a strict analogy exists between current and water diffusion data. Moreover, in situ measurements have been performed in an Italian pasta factory with an on line system assembled on the desiccation apparatus.Results of the sorption studies show a Case II diffusion mechanism, with the formation of a glassy shell around the pasta sample during desiccation at low water vapour …
Publication date: 
1 Jul 2005

A Sannino, S Capone, P Siciliano, A Ficarella, L Vasanelli, A Maffezzoli

Biblio References: 
Volume: 69 Issue: 1 Pages: 51-59
Journal of food engineering