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We report the details of a technique for the production of proton beams with very low energy spread exploiting the short soft X-rays from plasmas by laser ablation. These beams have been generated by the dissociation and ionization of an hydrogen buffer gas induced by the laser-plasma X-rays and then accelerated by means of an electrostatic accelerator. Their beam properties have been analysed through the time-of-flight method applying different accelerating voltages. The resulting energetic spread ranges between 6 and 11%, as a function of the applied voltage. Such a system could be extremely useful for producing quasi-monoenergetic proton beams.
Publication date: 
3 Nov 2015

D Delle Side, J Krása, V Nassisi, L Velardi, E Giuffreda

Biblio References: 
Volume: 2014 Pages: 11-16
4th Workshop-Plasmi, Sorgenti, Biofisica ed Applicazioni